Bodybuilding Routine Music Editing


Music Editing can be done at any time for you but make sure you do this in advance!

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Your music brings your routine or T walk and your stage presence and personality to life! The music you choose can add atmosphere/ drama and help you structure the routine to ebb and flow adding dynamics to really draw the judges in and to electrify the audience.y

We can edit music for many occasions and through the years have used editing software to ensure that building a 60 / 90 sec or more routine can really bring the noise and blend professionally!

If you have no idea what you are doing and don’t have the time to figure out but want a streamlined professional edit that you know you can count on and choreograph a killer routine to don’t hesitate! Get us on the case!

All we need from you is your chosen track or tracks you want to flow/ piece together and a brief which we will discuss. Usually this entails getting an idea of the atmosphere you want to create and knowing your class and federation to make sure it is bespoke. Then…the the rest is done! Then it’s over to you to create the magic in the physical form to your music! (hopefully with us by your side 😉


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