Online Posing & Stage Presentation
3 session block


Once you have purchased this ONLINE posing package we will communicate over email to agree on the dates that will work for you.

Three Session of One Hour – Online Session / This will take place over Zoom

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3 x Posing Sessions of One Hour Online

Zoom Sessions

Perfect for the run up to your show.


We specialise in the art of posing and presentation for both male and female competitors across all classes and federations.

Creating fluid shapes to complement your physique is extremely important for enhancing your overall package and increasing your chances of placing on stage.

Don’t leave it to chance! Learn which poses suit your physique, understand which poses are appropriate for each class and each federation – they are all different! Judges look for competitors who have done their homework!

Those of you who know us or who have seen us or our clients on stage will know performance and presentation on stage is our forte!

Those of you who don’t – We are known for having a keen eye for knowing what shapes work for an individuals physique! We are confident in our approach and apply PRO level attention to detail in all our clients posing, capturing the best version of you giving you the confidence to showcase your final piece de resistance on stage!

We can ensure that you will leave our ONLINE sessions with clarity, confidence and full of new ideas to practice and drill into your physique to blow the judges and the crowd away!

What is covered…

Three Session of One Hour – Online Session / Zoom or Skype call.

  • Mandatory poses and quarter turns
  • Presentation foundation from start to finish
  • Transitions / moving between poses
  • Pro ‘stand out’ Presentation tips for the competitors edge!
  • You will be provided a full video with practice points post the session


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3 session block

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