Updated 20th January 2023

British and International Finals are highlighted in bold
Natural shows are highlighted in blue

Dates still pending for the natural calendar: NPA, and BNBF British Finals

UK Federations Included:


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2Bros:              10x Kingdom Classic, Maidenhead                             25th March

IBFA:                Granite City Classic, Aberdeen                                   26th March

PCA:                 First Timers, Birmingham                                           26th March


UKUP:              Midlands                                                                     1st April

PCA:                 Saxon, Telford                                                             2nd April

2Bros:              10x Ben Weider, Maidenhead                                    8th April

PCA:                 Scotland, Motherwell                                                 9th April

NFMUK:          Scotland, Glasgow                                                      15th April

FitX:                 First Timers, Birmingham                                           16th April

IBFA:                Lochgelly, Scotland                                                     16th April

PCA:                 Mercia, Bedford                                                          16th April

UKBFF:             Northern, Warrington                                                16th April

NABBA:           Scotland                                                                      22nd April

NABBA:           South East                                                                   22nd April

IBFA:                Tyneside, Gateshead                                                  23rd April

NABBA:           Midlands,                                                                    23rd April

PCA:                 South West, Exeter                                                     23rd April

UKUP:              Scottish, Glasgow                                                       23rd April

NABBA:           Northern Ireland,                                                        29th April

PCA:                 First Timers, Peterborough                                         29th April

BPA:                Scottish, Edinburgh                                                     30th April

NABBA:           North                                                                          30th April

NABBA:           West                                                                            30th April


UKUP:              Southern                                                                     6th May

IBFA:                South, Portsmouth                                                     7th May

NABBA:           Wales                                                                          7th May

NABBA:           North West                                                                 7th May

PCA:                 North West                                                                 7th May

2Bros:              JT Grand Prix, Maidenhead                                        13th May

NABBA:           North East                                                                   13th May

NFMUK:           Pro/AM, Manchester                                                  13th May

FitX:                 FitXPO, Manchester                                                    14th May

IBFA:                Wales, Wrexham                                                        14th May

PCA:                 Irish Open, Ireland                                                      14th May

UKBFF:             Cumbria Classic, Whitehaven                                     20th May

BPA:                Northern Ireland, Lisburn                                           21st May

NABBA:           South East                                                                   21st May

PCA:                 First Timers, Hull                                                         21st May

2Bros:              Condition Cup, Wigan                                                 27th May

FitX:                 Xion Classic, Exeter                                                     27th May

PCA:                 Universe Qualifier, Coventry                                      27th May

IBFA:                North West, Cumbria                                                 28th May

PCA:                Universe and XPO, Coventry                                     28th May

UKDFBA:          NBW Classic, Benn Hall                                               28th May


NABBA:           British Finals, Bradford                                              3rd June

NFMUK:           Midlands, Birmingham                                               3rd June

PCA:                 Hampshire                                                                  4th June

FitX:                 Battle of Nottingham, Nottingham                            10th June

BNBF:              Scottish, Perth                                                            11th June (Natural)

IBFA:                Gateshead                                                                   11th June

PCA:                 Coventry                                                                     11th June

2Bros:              Viking Shield, Maidenhead                                         17th June

UKUP:              North West                                                                 18th June

FitX:                 South East, Colchester                                                24th June

BNBF:              Northern Ireland                                                         25th June (Natural)

BPA:                Rising Stars, Bilston                                                    25th June

PCA:                 East Anglia                                                                  25th June


2Bros:              RL Coaching Cup, Wales                                             2nd July

PCA:                 First Timers, Birmingham                                           2nd July

2Bros:              Hardbody Classic, Maidenhead                                  15th July

BPA:                Midlands, Bilston                                                        15th July

FitX:                 Insight Supplements, Leeds                                        15th July

WNBF:             First Timers, Camberley                                              16th July (Natural)

UKUP:              Wales                                                                          22nd July

2Bros:              Amplified Muscle, Maidenhead                                 29th July

FitX:                 Muscle Shed, Bristol                                                   29th July

IBFA:                Wales                                                                          29th July

PCA:                 MuscleTalk, Kettering                                                 30th July

BNBF:              Southern                                                                     30th July (Natural)


FitX:                 Telfod, Telford                                                            5th August

IBFA:                A1 Classic, Worksop                                                   6th August

2Bros:              Tru Athlete ISFF, Excel London                                   11th-13th August

BNBF:              Midlands, Birmingham                                               13th August (Natural)

FitX:                 Welsh, Wales                                                              19th August

UKDFBA:          Northern                                                                     20th August

2Bros:              ProTan Cup                                                                 26th August

BNBF:              Northern, Manchester                                                26th August (Natural)

UKUP:              Northern, York                                                            27th August

PCA:                 Wales                                                                          27th August


2Bros:              MK Classic, Wigan                                                       2nd September

NFMUK:           Ware-House Classic, Wales                                        2nd September

BPA:                English Grand Prix                                                       3rd September

PCA:                 Manchester                                                                3rd September

UKBFF:             Bridges, Kent                                                               3rd September

UKDFBA:          Southern                                                                     3rd September

FitX:                 Kompak, Leicester                                                      10th September

PCA:                 Midlands                                                                     10th September

UKBFF:             Channel Islands, Jersey                                               10th September

2Bros:              TBF Takedown, Maidenhead                                      16th September

UKUP:             World Cup, Milton Keynes                                        16th September

BPA:                Gateshead                                                                   17th September

FitX:                 Eval, Gateshead                                                          17th September

PCA:                 Ireland                                                                         17th September

UKDFBA:          Heart of England                                                         17th September

NFMUK:          European Championship, Leicester                           22nd October

FitX:                 Stupps, Birmingham                                                   23rd September

IBFA:                Exeter                                                                          24th September

NFMUK:           Effective Classic, Leicester                                          24th September

PCA:                 First Timers, Birmingham                                           24th September

2Bros:              Ralstrick Royal Rumble, Maidenhead                         30th September

UKUP:             British Finals, York                                                     30th September


FitX:                 EP Rumble, Manchester                                             1st October

NABBA:           England, Dudley                                                          1st October

PCA:                 Yorkshire, Hull                                                            1st October

FitX:                 Power House, Poole Lighthouse                                 7th October

PCA:                 Channel Islands, Jersey                                               8th October

PCA:                 London                                                                        8th October

UKDFBA:          British Championships, Leicester                               8th October

2Bros:              British Finals, Maidenhead                                        14th October

PCA:                British Finals                                                               14th – 15th October

BPA:                Rhino Classic, Stamford                                              15th October

FitX:                 CNP British Finals, Wolverhampton                          21st October

BPA:                British Championships, Dudley                                 22nd October

IBFA:               British Finals, Gateshead                                           22nd October

WNBF:             British Finals, Birmingham                                         22nd October (Natural)

2Bros:            10XNatural, Maidenhead                                           28th October

NABBA:           Universe, Bradford                                                     28th October


NABBA:           UK Open,                                                                     4th November

2Bros:              Vitae Plant Naturals, Maidenhead                             11th November

BPA:                Sugar Classic, Dudley                                                  12th November

PCA:               UK Open, Hull                                                             12th November

PCA:                First Timers, Hull                                                         12th November

PCA:                World Championship, Spain                                      19th November

WNBF:             Worlds, Seattle, USA                                                  18th November (Natural)


2Bros:              Vitae Plant Naturals, Maidenhead                             2nd December