Recommended Milestones for Athletes & Coaches

WNBF Pro Dr. Andrew Chappell & the ProPrepCoaching Team

The following is not intended to be an exhaustive list of milestones, approaches and timelines vary. The deadlines and elements highlighted here however were considered important by the ProPrepCoaching team. You can download a printable PDF of the check list at the bottom of this article.

Offseason 18 to 9 Months Out

  • Identify the show(s) your planning on doing, and then establish a Prep Start Date where you will move from the offseason to comp prep
  • Read the Rules of your fed & division you plan on competing in, ask any questions you have about the federation with officials at this point.
  • If you’ve never posed before start learning how to do it.

24 to 20 Weeks In Advance

  • Start your diet, you want to lost 0.5% bodyweight per week, if you need to lost 10% of your bodyweight that means at least 20 weeks!
  • Contacted potential photographers for photoshoot 20 weeks in advance
  • Start Posing Practice twice per week (20 weeks Out), Routine music for routine (10 weeks to go latest)
  • Sending posing videos to the coach from 20 weeks out
  • Order your Bikini with 20 weeks to spare, theirs often que when it comes to getting it made, they will update your measurements as you go along. Guys get your trunks

20 to 16 Weeks Out

  • Researching what’s going to happen on the day, Watch shows on YouTube, ideal go and watch a show the sooner the better, Show season begins in March.
  • Sign up for the show 16 weeks prior, no later than 4 to 6 weeks before, everything costs money, unless your wealthy you’ll probably want to spread the cost of: (tanning, hair/makeup, photos)
  • Consider the song your going to pose to if you need to do a routine

14 to 12 Weeks Out

  • You should have your song for your posing routine by now
  • Posing Practice 3 to 4 times per week at 12 weeks out.
  • Routine practice once per week
  • Skin Prep: Exfoliation and moisturinsing once per week
  • Ab training twice at least per week, including vaccum training

10 to 8 Weeks Out

  • Show season should be nailed down
  • Photographs and videos to coach should be weekly
  • Weekly weight loss targets
  • Logistics of how you’re going to get to the event should be planned out
  • Tanning: Sun bed usage for the stage starts here

6 to 4 Weeks Out

  • Book Hotels and Travel (Trains/Buses, Planes)
  • Booking Tanning and Photography, or when available
  • Organise Spectator Tickets 4 week before deadline
  • Posing Practice is 5 times per week
  • Skin Prep: Exfoliation and moisturinsing two to three times per week
  • Hair Removal: shaving, waxing, hair removal creams should start here
  • Abdominal training three times per week, including vaccum training
  • Stop all banned in competiton or non informed sport supplements here

3 Weeks Out

  • Last opportunity to practice a peak week
  • Last opportunity to pull out of an event
  • Abdominal training four times per week

2 Weeks Out

  • Peaking plan should be in place, you should understand the process prior to starting the week prior to the show.
  • Post show recovery process should be understood and in place

1 to 3 Days Out

  • 2 days out last time for skin prep/shaving
  • Travelling to an international event, Be there at least two days before the competition
  • Where the time zone is different/long haul, Be there at least three days before the event.
  • If the event is over 3 hours away by train or car, consider staying over night for a show
  • Photos/video to your coach in the morning and the evening every day
  • Meet in person on the day if possible
  • Get your tan the night before
  • Prep all your meals for show day

Show Day

  • Photos/video to the coach in the morning or see them in person
  • Get your tan sorted
  • Go have fun!
  • Have post show pizza and beer!

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